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Posted by Ethan Marvick on August 23, 2010 at 2:08 AM

Wow, been awhile since we updated you all, sorry about that, but mid summer stuff getting in the way – you know how it is. O.K. let get you caught up. Lets start with the front end. We built the brake blower intakes and we were trying to mount everything up – BUT something was wrong, nothing was fitting? After trying to make it all fit, I decided we needed to take the entire front end apart. We found out very quickly that when I first welded up the radiator intake area, I missed the boat and got it way off square. So we got the cutoff wheel out and cut it all loose and after making it all square – guess what – it all fit – go figure!


The brake blower ducts were easy, I just measured around the blowers and added an extra ½ inch, sheared off some 19 gauge and punched a ½ inch flange, wrapped this around the blower and tacked it when wrapped, slipped it off and welded it up. I cut two discs to fit the opening and welded them up, a little black paint and away we go. The plastic fans are pop riveted to the ducts. We cut a ring from an of aluminum street sign we got from the salvage yard and chucked it in the lathe and trued up circles, drilled a few holes and mounted it up to the brake blower, we also added some cool black mesh we salvaged off of an of computer server cabinet we took to the salvage yard.


We finally got the gauge panel going, we cut a metal back plate and matched up the gauge holes and welded a support back to the roll cage. I cut out the aluminum face plate and did some engine turning on it, just to spiff it up a little and Ethan made up all the wiring. We are still short one gauge for the gas gauge, but need to figure out what sending unit voltage we have before we order. We also bent up a center consol and an upright dash for the power/start/brake pressure gauges. We have yet to mount a pair of fuse blocks; these will go in the center consol back between the seats where they will be out of the way. We also will be adding a brake bias control knob just to the rear of the shifter. The shifter will be re-done to a short shifter style, we will go over that when we cut it all up.


We pulled the engine out so I could modify the oil pan, we needed to raise the forward section of the oil pan in front of the sump in order to clear the Porsche cross member, you can see by the pictures that we got about 1 ½ inche3s more of clearance. At this point we could fill it with 7 quarts of Royal Purple Break-in Oil and spin-up the oil pump after attaching the oil pressure gauge – make sure you get that gauge hooked up first or you get a Vesuvius of Royal Purple coming out of the oil pressure galley at the back of the motor as we did – quite impressive, except for the cleanup. We set the valves, locked down the Poli-Locks and installed the Stud Girdles.


I also got the front struts ordered so we can get the final assemble on the front suspension. We still hope to get this thing out this season for a little shake-down and then we can tear it all apart for final painting and detailing so we are ready to go in the spring. Well that’s all for now, check back soon!

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