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Posted by Ethan Marvick on September 29, 2010 at 6:53 PM

Well, we got a little bad news this last week. Seems the wing we wanted to run is not legal in SOLO events. That is too bad, it really looked good, and this really lowers the COOL factor a bunch.


Anyway, we got some good stuff done. The driver’s side rear fender is taking shape and I got some extra practice time in on my new TIG welder and that allowed us to get the bell housing patched up. Now we can get the clutch and pressure plate on the motor and set the distance for the hydraulic throw-out bearing. I also need to measure the length of the input shaft on the Porsche torque tube, I need this in order to complete turning the Pilot Bearing holder I’m making in order to install it in the Chevy crank. Last weekend we build the center counsel to hold the fuse blocks, power switches for the fans, brake blowers and water pump, as well as, the brake bias control knob. This will be covered in Carbon Fiber style material and should look very cool. I also took a set of carbon Fiber looking side mirrors that were originally for a Honda civic and modified them to fit the Porsche. They have a plastic mirror housing and I used a very hot heat blower that is used to repair vinyl fabric to heat the mirror mount and bend it to match the contours of the Porsche window frame, after that I made up a metal mounting plate on the inside of the window. LOOKING GOOD!!! Pictures soon.

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