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Posted by Ethan Marvick on February 11, 2011 at 11:39 AM

Wow what a winter. Been really cold up here so not as much headway as I would like. Where are we now? Front suspension is almost done, we are reinforcing the stamped steel A-Arms with 1 inch thick wall square tubing. The lower A-Arms have always been suspect on the 944, a person can go with the aluminum ones but frankly they are not much better – just lighter. We are going to be under weight so I have no problem adding a few pounds to the un-sprung weight of the car. Building new lower A-arms bushings from aluminum and small roller bearings, the rear caster bearings are too much work and we will buy them. Have the new upper camber plates coming. We got a set of really nice OUTLAW 4 piston brake calipers for a great price, the bolt pattern for the mounts are slightly different than the Porsche caliper mounts so we just made an adapter plate and they fit great. Set the motor into its final position and built the front motor mounts, these are removable along with the front motor plate – rock solid; we mounted the front solid because we made the trans mounts solid. Started the dash this weekend, making it out of aluminum, I’m thinking we will cover it in carbon fiber wrap so it isn’t too much of a glare, putting the same carbon fiber wrap on the center counsel. A couple of weeks ago we did manage to mount the peddle assembly. We also decided to re-locate the side door roll cage bar on the driver’s side, just way too hard to get in and out for these old bones. I want to run, but not get my back all messed up back every time I get in and try to get out again– getting old sucks. Building the radiator mount right now, radiators are always a pain in the rear and this one is no different. We built an aluminum fan shroud that encloses the radiator and steel angle to support it in the car, should be done this week. Really hoping to fire this baby off in two weeks, just waiting on some AN fittings and a fuel cell.

Lots of pictures to come – so stay tuned.

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