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Posted by Ethan Marvick on April 13, 2011 at 11:45 PM

Time has been flying by, sorry for not updating earlier. We are in the home stretch, almost got the car fired last weekend 04/02 but the exhaust was giving me a few problems, always seems that way, the last thing that has to go in has to go around everything else, but it’s getting there. Ethan and his friend Reggie have been doing the wiring for the last couple of weekends; they have it all ready to go. All the gauges are in and functioning, the main thing left is a bunch of small sheet metal jobs to get done before we can think of paint. The front end went back together last weekend as well, I finished the break cooling ducts, the metal parts and got it all lock-tited up and installed, added the flexible cooling tubing to the break blowers and they clear the tires nicely. Just ordered the NACA DUCTS for the rear quarter windows so we can cool the rear brakes, we plan on replacing the quarter windows with plastic and adding the clear plastic ducts. I found some really nice 3 inch silicone cooling hose on E-bay, it was govt. surplus and half the price of regular cooling hose, very nice stuff.

We have been working on a fiberglass hood and sun roof to take some weight off the car. This is coming along but is still in need of some more work, see progress pictures, we plan on having these covered in carbon Fiber wrap to help with reflections. Another area of some change is in the air cleaner, I had purchased a high flow air cleaner but that just ended up being way to large to see around, so I dug around in my good old stuff pile and came up with a very cool 1060’s top fuel drag car scoop. This scoop takes a smaller filter element but we plan on putting an filter cross to top for more flow, the only problem with using this scoop is that it bolts to the carb so a rather large hole will need to be put in the fiberglass hood, but that’s O.K. Lots of little things to get done – keep watching!

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