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yo yo yo we need some convo! whats going on with the build?

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Colleen Vinton
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Yo K-Jazz yo needs to chillax! -slaps ya upside the head- Now talk like a normal person damnit!

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Ethan Marvick
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Were working on it get all your car friends on here :dry: last sunday we got alot knocked out on framming the new quorter panles mostly done witht the trial and error phase alot of tacking and then untacking lol    but the passenger side is almost all framed out this sunday it would be nice to finish that. also we sold the fiberglass quorters on ebay as well as a carb we had that was too big so we got most of the funds we need to finish buyign motor parts and hopfully start on building the engine. ill get more pics up sunday or monday of the interior also we got the seats and belts in.

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